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Which Five Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits are the Most Common?

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When discussing varieties of legal claims, “personal injury” is a broad term for the category of lawsuits involving claims for money damages based on physical or emotional injury to an individual or group of people. Personal injury lawsuits can arise from incidents on the road, in a hospital, in a retail environment, or even at a friend’s home, among many other possibilities. Read on to learn about five of the most common types of personal injury claims, and contact a knowledgeable New Jersey personal injury lawyer if you’ve been a victim of someone else’s negligence.

  1. Car and truck accidents: If you’re like most New Jersey residents, hardly a day goes by when you don’t get into your car multiple times. Motor vehicle accidents are the second-most common form of accidental death in the US, with hundreds of thousands more injured in traffic accidents. With some 94% of all traffic accidents attributed to driver error, it is no surprise that law suits based on car accidents are some of the most common personal injury claims.

  2. Slip-and-fall accidents: When a visitor or customer of a public place or business is injured by a fall while visiting the property, and the fall was caused by a defective condition that the owner or business should have warned visitors against or repaired, then that business or property owner may owe the fall victim money damages. Slip-and-fall claims are a form of premises liability lawsuit.

  3. Medical malpractice: Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals have a legal duty to follow established best practices when treating their patients. Should a medical professional’s carelessness during a surgical procedure, diagnosis, or administration of a drug cause a patient injury, then that patient may have a personal liability claim against the professional and possibly their medical facility.

  4. Product liability: Defective products such as cars, toys, or household appliances can cause serious—even fatal—injuries to customers or other victims. Corporations can be held financially liable for injuries caused by their products when victims can show that the product was defectively manufactured, designed, or sold.

  5. Wrongful death: Claims for wrongful death are brought as the consequence of other personal injury claims where fatal injuries were the result, such as a motor vehicle accident or incident of medical malpractice. Wrongful death claims, however, involve different forms of damages from other personal injury lawsuits, and they can be more complex to litigate.

For legal help after you’re injured in a New Jersey traffic accident or slip-and-fall, contact the dedicated and seasoned personal injury lawyer Andrew R. Jacobs for a consultation at 973-532-9681.

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