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Research Reveals Equal Number of Fatalities Caused by Speeding and Drunk Driving

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Of all the rules of the road, speed limits may be the most routinely-violated. Surveys show that just about every driver speeds from time to time. Speeders often assume that they’re still in control of their vehicle and have the skill and dexterity needed to handle what comes, but this isn’t always the case. According to a study conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), speeding is responsible for roughly as many deaths as drunk driving on American roads each year. Read on to learn more about why speeding poses such a threat to roadway occupants, and speak with a New Jersey car accident lawyer if you’ve been injured by a speeding driver.

The NTSB’s study involved a thorough look at the rates of fatal crashes caused by excessive speed, as well as the reasons that speed increases crash rates and severity. The NTSB’s report explained that speeding didn’t just increase the likelihood of a crash; it also increased the likelihood that the crash would result in serious or fatal injuries for those involved. Research has found that excessive speed results in an exponential increase in crash risk, and not just a risk that rises in proportion to the increase in speed. While speeding crash rates vary with changes in factors such as the conditions on the road and whether pedestrians or cyclists are present, studies find that a reduction in the speed limit by as little as 1 mile per hour can reduce crash rates by 2% to 5.5%.

According to the NTSB, speed was cited by law enforcement as a factor in about 112,580 fatal crashes nationwide between 2005 and 2014. This number represents 31% of all roadway fatalities that occurred during this time, which is roughly the same share of fatal crashes caused by drunk driving. With that in mind, some experts have observed that the public does not view speeding with the same disapproval as it does similarly dangerous behaviors. “Speeding is a factor in approximately the same proportion of traffic fatalities as alcohol impairment,” noted Governors Highway Safety Association director Jonathan Adkins, “yet it is not subject to same social stigma as drunk driving and is often a forgotten highway safety problem despite its clear significance.” Drivers who cause crashes with excessive speed deserve to face consequences for this dangerous behavior, and they may be financially liable to the victims of the accidents they cause.

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