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Recall Notice Issued for Graco Car Seat

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If you’re a parent, your child’s safety is one of your most serious concerns. You need to trust that the products you purchase to keep your children safe have been thoroughly tested in both clinical and natural settings prior to going on the market. You may even pay a premium for a product with an established brand name, trusting that the good reputation of the manufacturer will provide added assurance of safety. Even trusted manufacturers can suffer from lapses in safety testing, however, which can put your loved ones at risk of injury. Car seat manufacturer Graco has recently announced a recall for eight separate models of car seat.

Car seat recall notice posted by federal agency

Graco announced that it would be recalling 25,494 of its models of My Ride convertible car seats. The announcement was posted with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which first noticed the safety shortcoming. The NHTSA first conducted testing of the Graco My Ride 65 seat in the spring of 2015, and found that the restraint used by the seat didn’t meet federal safety standards. Graco said that it only learned of the safety concerns in March of 2016, and opened its own investigation two months later. After additional testing by the NHTSA in April of 2017 again resulted in the restraints failing to meet federal standards, Graco met with the NHTSA and concluded that it needed to recall the seats.

The recall includes eight models of car seat manufactured between May and August of 2014. The manufacturer determined that the webbing used on the restraint was defective and will provide free replacement harnesses to customers who own recalled car seats.

When products fail to work as promised

Product manufacturers and retailers have a legal duty to ensure that their products are safe when they enter the market. Since customers have no way to thoroughly test a product before using it, they rely on the manufacturer to uphold this duty when purchasing an item. As a rule, it doesn’t matter if the retailer or manufacturer realized that the product might fail to work or cause injuries to the customer. When products are dangerous in ways that a consumer could not have expected, both the maker of the product and the store that sold it can be held liable in court for the injuries caused to the customer. This is known as strict liability. An attorney can help you decide whether you deserve damages after being injured by a dangerous product.

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