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Wrongful Death Claims

FAQ Video Transcription

Tragically sometimes, people are killed as the result of the negligence of another person, fatal motor vehicle accidents, industrial site accidents, many types of circumstance. In that case, the administrator or executor of the estate of the decedent person is appointed by the surrogate to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased relative, a son, a daughter, a sister or brother. a mother, a father. These are sad cases, there’s no getting around it, but the rights of the negligently injured person who lost their life, their rights need to be protected and vindicated.

So, in that circumstance, the elements of the claim, include the economic loss that their death caused. A bread winner, a man or a woman, is killed through the negligence of another, there’s economic loss, and that’s a key element of the claim. Another key element of a claim which must be recognized was that decedent. Did that decedent suffer before their death. Did they have conscious pain and suffering? Tragically that occurs sometimes. That too is an element of the claim.

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