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When to File an Injury Lawsuit

FAQ Video Transcription

If you’ve suffered a serious injury that requires ongoing extensive treatment, probably surgery, followed by extensive physical therapy and so forth, it’s likely that I wouldn’t recommend filing a lawsuit until you’re done with your treatment. Now we have to be aware of the statute of limitations, which is two years, but assuming you’ve finished your treatment within the two year period following your accident, I wouldn’t want to bring that lawsuit until your done with treatment. Why? Because once you file a lawsuit, it’s like the bakery line, you’re on track in the courthouse to come up for trial and you want to have a very good idea, one, what are the full extent of your injuries, two, what is the result of the injuries that you suffered going forward, even after your done with treatment. Did you fully recover? Did you suffer permanent injury, and we don’t have that perspective til you’re done with treatment.

So generally we wait until your done with treatment, then we’ve obtained your doctor’s records, your hospital, your therapist, and we ultimately ask your doctor for a narrative report. A detailed written report of your care and treatment, his prognosis, and frequently we will send you to a medical expert to objectively evaluate the extent and nature and permanency and causal relation of your injuries to the accident.

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