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Premises Liability

FAQ Video Transcription

If you’re injured as the result of someone else’s negligence when you’re visiting an unsafe premises like the slippery floor in the supermarket, or the icy sidewalk in the apartment complex, you have rights against the owner of the property to provide a safe place, a place that is not dangerous, where you suffered injury.

The owner of the property has responsibility to provide a safe place where it is foreseeable that you’re going to be walking as a business invitee, a guest. You know from your experience, the icy sidewalk that wasn’t tended to, after the storm, after a period of time has gone on. That sidewalk should have been salted or sanded in front of the commercial premises such as a bank or a restaurant. That landlord has responsibility and what sometimes complicated there, who’s sidewalk is it. Is it the bank or restaurant owner. Is it the town. Is it the owner of the parking lot but not the owner of the store you’re visiting. These are all questions that need to be answered, and they should be answered quickly, after an accident has occurred.

Frequently, the owner of property, such as a parking lot which has big holes in it, that shouldn’t be in that condition, may even pave it over the next day. I’ve seen that too many times. So if that circumstances occurred, even take out your telephone and take pictures, because there’s nothing more interesting in this kind of case, is when you have pictures of those big holes or that icy walk, and you see a few hours later it’s been thoroughly salted, that icy walk, or the parking lot was paved over the next day. That’s just illustrative, but it’s important to act promptly and act thoroughly and act responsibly.

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