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Injuries While Traveling

FAQ Video Transcription

If you’re injured while on vacation or traveling on business, it’s important that you contact me promptly. We travel in various ways, on cruises, by airplane, by train, by bus. If you’re on a cruise out of the country, who’s law governs if you’re injured in the Caribbean? If you’re on an airplane, there’s an accident related to your travel, overseas or somewhere in this country, particularly overseas, you need to contact me promptly. Why? Because, when you’ve contracted for that cruise, there are documents that you have that probably say, one, wow long you have to bring a claim of negligence against the cruise company. Two, where that claim must be brought.

Frequently, in United States, particularly with Caribbean cruises, there’s a choice of forum provision, frequently it’s Miami, Florida and also in that document you may well find probably, how long you have before that claim must be brought, six months, a year, three months, is your notice provision. Does the New Jersey statute of limitation apply? Probably not, although it might. If you bought the ticket in Newark, if you started from Newark Airport, Newark Liberty Airport. These are the things I need to know quickly. With regards to cruise related accident or injured at a resort, hotel, somewhere outside of the country. Can they be sued here? Maybe. It depends on the extent and nature of their advertising, among other things.

On the internet, you read about the hotel, the resort. When you are in your den at home on your computer, and you got hurt in Switzerland skiing. Well, do they have certain contacts with New Jersey, sufficient that it would be constitutional for you to bring a claim against them in the courts of New Jersey, or a claim of an injury that occurred in Disney Land. These are what we call travel law claims, and we handle those types of claims, so that if unfortunately you are injured in any parts of the world, we’re prepared to examine that claim and represent you effectively.

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