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Defective Product Injuries

FAQ Video Transcription

In New Jersey, we’re one of the very few states in the country that has a products liability statute. If you’re injured by a product which is defective, you have a right to bring a claim for damages against the manufacturer of that product.

What is a defective product? Very simply, it’s a product that is not fit, suitable or safe for its intended purpose. Were the warnings on that product, are inadequate.

I’ve had the opportunity to represent many folks injured by a very diverse range of products, products that you use at home, in the kitchen, that sometimes explode and hit people in the face. Product that you might use when you’re out recreationally, out camping. Defective elements in cars, braking systems, various types of problems with cars.

There’s a whole range of products that we encounter on a daily basis, and New Jersey is one of the most favorable states to protect its injured citizens from defective products.

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