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Scaffold Accident Attorney Serving New Jersey & New York

Construction sites contain many hazards, and one of the most hazardous aspects of any construction site is scaffolding. OSHA estimates that 2.3 million workers, or fully 65% of the construction industry, work on scaffolds. Scaffold injuries can span from injuries incurred while installing the scaffolding, to injuries from objects allowed to fall from scaffolding or workers falling from scaffolding, to a collapse of the scaffold itself. If you’ve been hurt on the job by a scaffold injury in New York or New Jersey, you need to act fast in order to preserve your claim and receive full compensation for your injuries. Seek help from an experienced scaffold injury and construction accident attorney to ensure that your rights under the law are upheld.

Scaffolding: A Common Source of Workplace Injury

Scaffold injuries are in the news with disconcerting frequency, even more so in light of booming new construction, where projects may be hurried along, resulting in contractors and property owners taking shortcuts in regards to safety. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over 60 individuals die in scaffold-related injuries each year. OSHA has found that 72% of scaffold injuries resulted from planking or support giving way, or from employee slippage, or being struck with an object falling from scaffolding, all of which can be controlled with proper compliance with OSHA safety standards.

Common sources of scaffold injuries include:

  • Faulty on-site scaffold construction
  • Improper scaffold planking
  • Electrocution
  • Overloaded scaffolds
  • Objects falling from scaffolding onto workers or pedestrians below
  • Falls from scaffolds due to improper guard rail or safety harness installation

Due to the nature of workers’ compensation claims, you need to act fast under the laws of either New Jersey or New York to ensure that you meet notice and filing deadlines. Speaking to a construction injury attorney can help ensure that you receive the compensation you are owed and will need to recover fully from your injuries.

Sub-Contractor or Property Owner Liability for Scaffold Injuries

If the scaffolding provided for your worksite was improperly manufactured or installed by a third party, and the defective installation is what caused your injury, then you may have a claim against the party responsible for the defective scaffolding. Additionally, if a property owner failed to provide for the safety of the workers on the construction site, that owner may also be liable to you for failing to provide the bare minimum safety precautions to which you are entitled under the law. In New York property owners and contractors are absolutely liable for construction injuries caused by a failure to provide a safe worksite as required by law under certain circumstances.

Get Help Recovering Compensation for Scaffold Injuries from an Experienced and Dedicated Construction Accident Attorney

Scaffold injuries, often involving falls from a great distance or a serious impact from a falling object, can result in long recovery periods, rehabilitation expenses, or even permanent disability, which workers’ compensation may not entirely cover. An experienced construction accident attorney can help you to explore other avenues for compensation, to make sure you and your family are fully cared for after your accident. Contact New Jersey and New York personal injury attorney Andrew R. Jacobs for a consultation on your claims, at 973-532-9681.

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