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Property Owner Liability for Injuries to Independent Contractors in New Jersey Construction Accidents

Workers in the construction field put their health and safety on the line on a constant basis. Increasingly, workers such as painters, roofers and contractors are considered to be independent contractors. These workers continue to take on the risks entailed by physically-demanding work, yet may not be covered by the safety net provided by workers’ compensation that would be provided to an employee of a company, when hurt on the job as an independent contractor. However, an independent contractor may have a legal right to file a claim for damages against the property owner in certain cases. Contact New Jersey construction injury lawyer Andrew R. Jacobs to find out whether you may have a right to seek money damages through a lawsuit against the property owner after you’re hurt while working on the job.

Property owner liability for independent contractor injuries

Frequently, one of the main reasons that workers are hired as independent contractors is so that the property owner can avoid covering costs related to the worker’s medical care and temporary and permanent disability benefits if they’re injured. There are nevertheless still occasions where New Jersey property owners will be legally obligated to cover the costs of your injuries, your pain and suffering, future economic loss, and your spouse’s loss of your services.

Where you’ve been injured on a job site while working as an independent contractor and, despite your independent status, the property owner has maintained control over the means and method by which you do your work, that property owner may be legally responsible for your injuries. In other words, if the property owner dictates the methods or tools you use to do a job, or otherwise restricts you to following their instructions for how to do the work, they may be liable to you for damages and owe you money if, in following those instructions, you get hurt as a result of the owner’s negligence.

An experienced construction accident attorney can help you find avenues for compensation

If you’ve been injured on the job while working as an independent contractor in New Jersey, it is critical that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. Independent workers often need to think outside of traditional means of compensation for workplace injuries, and an attorney can help you explore the possible sources of income for you after you’ve been injured on the job.

Don’t allow your legal claim to expire; contact a New Jersey personal injury lawyer today

If you wait too long to take action, you may lose your right to file a legal claim after you’re hurt working on the job. Contact New Jersey independent contractor injury attorney Andrew R. Jacobs to discuss your case, at 973-532-9681.

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