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Forklift Accident Attorney Serving New Jersey & New York

Attorney for Forklift & Crane Accidents in New Jersey and New York City

The construction industry is well aware of the dangers associated with forklift and crane operations. However, many employers and businesses fail to take appropriate measures to protect workers and avoid accidents. Forklift accident attorney Andrew R. Jacobs holds employers and manufacturers accountable for their failures to maintain workplace safety and provide safe equipment for workers. In the event of a forklift or crane accident on the job, he will investigate all options for achieving maximum compensation for injuries.

Factors Leading to Forklift & Crane Accidents

Forklifts and cranes cause thousands of serious injuries and dozens of deaths on jobsites and in workplaces each year. Even with the frequency of forklift and crane accidents, many workers are still unaware of the dangers associated with operating a forklift or crane. It is even more unfortunate that many accidents, injuries, and deaths could have been avoided if employers simply followed safe practices and took proper safety precautions. Factors leading to forklift and crane accidents include:

  • Lack of training or improper training of workers who have to operate forklift trucks and cranes
  • Production factors, such as speed or stress
  • Lack of proper tools, attachments, and accessories
  • Lacking, inadequate, or malfunctioning safety devices
  • Improper assignment of forklifts, cranes, and operators
  • Poor maintenance of forklifts and/or cranes
  • Age of forklifts and cranes

Accidents caused by these factors range from employees being struck by falling materials to tip-overs, electrocutions, and falls from equipment. If a load being lifted by a forklift or crane is too large or too heavy, the machine may become unstable, or the operator’s vision may be obstructed, creating conditions for an accident. Mechanical failures, such as malfunctioning brakes and clutch, can create unsafe conditions not only for the forklift or crane operator, but also for other workers near the equipment.

Without proper training, a forklift or crane operator may practice poor techniques, such as dangerous turning and backing maneuvers, improper parking, and failure to warn others of the equipment’s movements. Lack of communication, as well as miscommunication, between employers, operators, and other workers can also lead to collisions and injuries.

Contact Andrew R. Jacobs after a Forklift or Crane Accident in New Jersey or NYC

If you or a loved one were involved in a forklift or crane accident in New York or New Jersey, please contact the Law Offices of Andrew R. Jacobs to schedule a free initial consultation regarding your injuries and your options for recovery. You will be able to rest easier knowing you have an advocate on your side who is willing to go the distance to assert your legal rights.

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