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Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Serving New Jersey & New York

A back or neck injury which severs or impinges on the spinal cord can lead to a lifetime of permanent paralysis or worse. As an attorney helping accident victims with the most serious injuries, Andrew Jacobs is dedicated to helping persons with spinal cord injury in New Jersey recover the maximum amount of compensation available when they have been injured due to the negligence or misconduct of another in a motor vehicle accident, job injury, or fall. At the Law Offices of Andrew R. Jacobs in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, spinal cord injury attorney Andrew Jacobs understands what it takes to hold others accountable for their wrongdoing and recover the compensation necessary for persons living with spinal cord injury to achieve the maximum improvement in self-care, independence and quality of life.

Nature and Cause of Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is a nerve running along the spine and connected directly to the brain. All peripheral nerves throughout the body radiate out from the spinal cord. Sensory and motor messages travel back and forth between the brain and all parts of the body through the spinal cord, so an intact spinal cord is essential to having both feeling/sensation and motor function (the ability to move).

Because of the way the nerves are laid out along the spinal cord, any cut in the spinal cord results in the loss of feeling and movement in the body below the place of injury. Therefore, the higher up along the spine the nerve damage occurs, the more of the body is affected, and the more serious is the injury. Spinal cord injuries in the neck affect not only the ability to move one’s limbs (paraplegia or quadriplegia), but also the use of the nerves which control vital functions such as breathing and swallowing. An injury to the neck or cervical spine can therefore be fatal if the injury victim does not receive immediate medical attention, and the survivor may need the assistance of devices such as ventilators and feeding tubes to live.

A spinal cord injury can occur in a number of different ways. Some of the leading causes of spinal cord injuries include the following:

Getting the right amount of compensation for living with spinal cord injury

The initial costs of a spinal cord injury in terms of medical expenses and rehabilitation can be astronomical, and additional costs are generally present for the life of the person with spinal cord injury. Additional costs include physical modifications to the home and car, as well as assistive technology and adaptive devices to maximize daily function for a person with paralysis. There is also generally a need for some level of ongoing medical care. An experienced personal injury attorney will work with doctors, economists and life care planners to prepare a comprehensive list of medical and other needs, as well as other legal damages such as past and future economic loss and loss of quality of life, and will fight to see that the injury victim is fully compensated for all of these present and future anticipated needs.

Despite the challenges of living with a spinal cord injury, persons with even the most severe injuries may go on to live fulfilling, productive lives. At the Law Offices of Andrew R. Jacobs, our job is to hold those responsible accountable for the harm they have caused and ensure that our clients get the financial help they need to deal with their condition and make the most of their lives. In New Jersey, contact the Law Offices of Andrew R. Jacobs for advice and representation concerning a spinal cord injury or other serious personal injury caused by another’s negligent or wrongful conduct.

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