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Retail Store Negligence in New Jersey & New York

Attorney for Slip & Fall Accidents in New Jersey Retail Stores

Shopping in a large retail store should not come with a risk of physical harm. Store owners who don’t keep their premises safe and well-maintained for their customers risk losing business, and risk the health and well-being of their customers. If you’re a New Jersey resident who has experienced a slip or trip and fall in a retail store such as Wal-Mart, ShopRite or Acme, then you understand how serious these sorts of accidents can be. Make sure that you are fully compensated for the costs of your injuries caused by negligent store management. Contact the skilled and experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer Andrew R. Jacobs for a consultation on your case.

Retailers have a duty to keep their premises free from slipping hazards

Retail stores can remain open and profitable only if they have customers. Retailers thus have a vested interest in creating an inviting, safe, and clean environment for their customers. Not only is it in the best interests of making a profit, but a business that opens itself to the public is made responsible under New Jersey law for maintaining “reasonably safe” conditions on their property. If a business owner fails to inspect their property for dangerous conditions on a regular basis, or fails to take action to eliminate dangerous conditions when they’re discovered, and someone gets hurt, that retailer may owe that victim money for their injuries.

What causes dangerous conditions in retail stores?

There are countless ways that customers might be injured if negligent store management fails to take reasonable steps to prevent harm to customers. These include:

  • Dropped or spilled food or liquid
  • Rain, snow, or ice that is tracked in from outside
  • Cracked floors or tiles
  • Loose rugs posing a tripping hazard
  • Ice allowed to accrue on walkways leading to the store
  • Leaking pipes or refrigerated cases

A lawyer is critical to your slip-and-fall claim’s success

Retail slip-and-fall accidents are not simple claims to prove. A defendant business owner may attempt to argue that they had no way to know that there was a hazard on the store’s property, and that they shouldn’t be held responsible for injuries resulting from that hazard as a result. At the Law Offices of Andrew R. Jacobs, our investigative and legal staff knows what sort of evidence to gather to show that store managers knew or should have known of the dangerous condition and resulting risk of injury on their property. We make use of eyewitness testimony, surveillance camera evidence, and evidence of weather conditions to show how long a hazard existed and how much time stores had to remove a hazard and prevent you from becoming injured.

Help is Available for New Jersey Retail Store Slip & Fall Accidents

For assistance with a New Jersey retail slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall case, contact the compassionate, effective, and diligent premises liability and personal injury attorney Andrew R. Jacobs for a free consultation on your case, at 973-532-9681.

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