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Restaurant Slip and Fall Lawyer Serving New Jersey & New York

When you’re having a meal out in a restaurant, you expect that the managers and staff of that restaurant are paying close attention to what’s going on in the restaurant, and taking careful note of any spilled drinks or broken plates. Spills are a common occurrence, after all, so management knows to expect and quickly attend to these sorts of accidents. Since you expect that the restaurants you patronize will be clean and carefully-maintained, you may not be on the lookout for puddled liquids or spilled foods as you make your way throughout the restaurant, and you could end up badly hurt where a spill was not attended to promptly. If you’ve been hurt in a restaurant slip-and-fall accident, find out if you may have a legal claim for money damages by contacting the New Jersey restaurant slip and fall lawyer Andrew R. Jacobs for a consultation.

Restaurants have a duty to remain clean and safe

Restaurants, like other businesses, have an obligation to keep your safety front of mind. When a business invites customers onto its property, there is an implied commitment to keep the premises relatively safe and free from hazards that could cause injury to their customers. While restaurant staff can’t prevent every accident, they should respond quickly once they have learned that an accident has occurred. When restaurant staff don’t clean up spills within a reasonable amount of time, or fail to provide warning to customers of a slipping hazard, they can be held responsible for the injuries that result.

Slip-and-fall injuries can be serious

Unexpectedly slipping in a liquid or dropped food can cause serious injuries, especially to someone who is older or who suffers from joint problems or brittle bones. Treating a sprained ankle or wrist, broken bone, or traumatic brain injury (such as a concussion) can involve expensive medical treatment and time off work recuperating. In order to provide the best chances of recovering the money you’re owed, it is important that you act quickly to lodge a claim against the responsible business. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to recover evidence of the accident and its causes, or find witnesses who can testify accurately about what happened. New Jersey slip-and-fall accident lawyer Andrew R. Jacobs is prepared to take on your claims and has the trial experience and negotiation savvy to represent your interests in a slip-and-fall claim.

Call Andrew R. Jacobs for Help after a New Jersey Restaurant Slip and Fall Accident

If you’ve been hurt in a New Jersey restaurant from a slip-and-fall accident, don’t wait to take action. Contact the knowledgeable, dedicated, and effective restaurant slip and fall lawyer Andrew R. Jacobs for a consultation on your case, at 973-532-9681.

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