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Phantom Vehicle Accident Attorney Serving New Jersey & New York

When you imagine a car accident, you probably picture two cars colliding into one another. However, there are many ways that an irresponsible driver can injure you on the road. It’s possible that a reckless or careless driver could cause you to become injured on the road, all without making any contact with your car. Even if another car doesn’t hit you, that car can still be responsible for causing your motor vehicle accident. These cars are known as “phantom vehicles.” If you’ve been injured in a New Jersey crash caused by a phantom vehicle, contact the experienced car accident attorney Andrew R. Jacobs as soon as possible to begin investigating your claims. Learn more about phantom vehicle accidents below.

What is a phantom vehicle, and how can they cause you to crash?

“Phantom vehicle” is the term used by lawyers and car insurance carriers to describe cars that cause a crash but don’t make contact with the vehicle that crashes, and which do not stop at the scene of the accident. For example, if a car cut you off in traffic, causing you to swerve into a nearby guardrail to avoid hitting them, then that collision would have been caused by a phantom vehicle.

Often, victims of phantom vehicle crashes will obtain coverage for their injuries through their own uninsured motorist coverage or that of the vehicle in which they were a passenger. It is important to know that your premium will likely not be raised if you are not at fault. Whenever the at-fault vehicle is unknown, however, insurance companies are prone to forcing the victim driver to go above and beyond to prove the circumstances surrounding a crash. Hiring an experienced vehicle accident attorney to prove your case can be an important step to ultimately being successful on your claim.

What to do immediately after a crash caused by a phantom vehicle

Speak with any witnesses: Having support for your claims after a phantom vehicle crash is critical. If another driver stops to offer assistance after your crash, be sure to obtain their name and contact information in case you need eyewitness support for your claims.

Take photos of your vehicle and the scene of the accident: Document the scene of the accident as thoroughly as possible, including the position of your car and the damage caused to it and any surrounding property or other cars. These photos can be helpful to accident reconstruction experts, who can show how a phantom vehicle caused your crash based on such evidence.

Make a police report: In order to make an insurance claim where the at-fault driver is unknown, you’ll need to produce a police report explaining the accident. Be sure to provide as much of a description as you can of the vehicle responsible for your crash to the officer.

Contact a lawyer: While it is always helpful to hire a lawyer after an accident, it can make a critical difference to hire a lawyer experienced in motor vehicle accident claims to represent you in a claim based on a crash caused by a phantom vehicle. New Jersey accident lawyer Andrew R. Jacobs is experienced in gathering the evidence necessary to prove claims against unknown drivers, and he can skillfully negotiate with insurers to get you the settlement you need.

Contact Personal Injury Attorney Andrew Jacobs after a New Jersey Phantom Car Accident

For a no-cost consultation after a New Jersey phantom car accident, contact the skilled and dedicated vehicle accident attorney Andrew R. Jacobs for a consultation, at 973-532-9681

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