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New Jersey Drowsy Driving Car Accidents Attorney

Driving late at night can bring added dangers as compared to daytime driving. Roadway occupants are much more likely to suffer from impaired vision at night, are more likely to be intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, and are more likely to be dangerously fatigued. We may not think of drowsy driving as being dangerous in the same way as driving while drunk, but statistics show that drivers who get behind the wheel after getting too little sleep are more likely to be involved in an accident than those who get seven hours or more of rest in a night.

Damages may be available after a drowsy driving crash

Serious car accidents can exact a financial and psychological toll from which victims often need months, sometimes years, to recover. If a drowsy driver causes a crash that injures you or someone you love, you may have a claim for damages against that driver to compensate you for the medical expenses, lost work, trauma, or pain and suffering you endure. Don’t settle for less than you deserve after a New Jersey drowsy driving crash. Get help seeking compensation by contacting the dedicated and effective car accident attorney Andrew R. Jacobs for a free evaluation of your claims.

New Jersey law recognizes the danger of driving while drowsy

Drowsy driving can have deadly consequences. New Jersey’s criminal statutes recognize the risk that drivers pose by getting behind the wheel when they’re too fatigued to drive. New Jersey law allows law enforcement to infer that a driver who causes a deadly crash after not having slept in 24 or more hours was driving recklessly at the time of the crash. These are serious charges, and a conviction of reckless driving resulting in a fatality can be used in a claim for damages against the dangerous driver.

Drowsy driving crashes are often more severe

When a drowsy driver loses consciousness behind the wheel, the resulting crash can be extremely serious. Unlike collisions with a conscious driver, a driver who has fallen asleep is unable to take corrective measures to swerve or brake prior to impact, often resulting in higher-speed collisions or more severe crash types, such as head-on collisions. Victims of drowsy driving crashes are left to suffer serious consequences, such as:

  • Head trauma and TBIs
  • Spinal injuries
  • Bruised or broken ribs
  • Bone fractures
  • Lacerations and soft tissue injuries
  • Wrongful death

Seek Professional Legal Assistance after a Serious New Jersey Drowsy Driving Car Accident

Get the help you need to recover the damages you’re owed after a drowsy driving crash in New Jersey, and contact the personal injury attorney Andrew R. Jacobs for a free consultation on your case, at 973-532-9681.

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