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OSHA’s Top Fines of 2019 include New Jersey Contractor

Pile of documents with Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has recently increased its enforcement efforts, as well as the fines it issues for violations of important safety regulations. The industry website Construction Dive recently reported on the largest fines issued by OSHA in the first quarter of 2019, and one repeated violator that made its way to the list is a New Jersey-based contractor. Learn more about the top violators below, and contact a seasoned New Jersey construction accident lawyer if you’ve been injured on the job in New Jersey.

Palisades Park contractor the subject of numerous violations and faces nearly $1m in fines

The Palisades Park, New Jersey contractor Frame Q took the third-highest spot on the list of contractors receiving the highest OSHA fines of 2019. The contractor received a $261,451 fine in January 2019 for violating regulations on fall protection standards. The fines were issued for one serious and three repeated violations of regulations aimed at protecting workers from fatal falls. In addition, the contractor was also served by federal prosecutors with a lawsuit in February of this year. The lawsuit is seeking over $678,000 in past-due OSHA penalties owed for previously-unpaid fines issued after inspectors discovered prior violations of fall protection regulations.

Falls the cause of over half of all construction site deaths in region encompassing New Jersey

Falls are one of OSHA’s “Fatal Four,” describing the four leading causes of death among construction workers. The OSHA enforcement region that includes New Jersey has a particularly high rate of fatal injuries caused by falls. OSHA reports that, while 40% of all construction deaths nationwide were caused by falls in 2017, 55% of all fatal injuries on construction sites were caused by slips, trips, and falls in the region that includes New Jersey. OSHA inspectors often find that employers fail to educate their workers on recognizing potential fall hazards on job sites. When subcontractors or independent contractors fail to provide adequate safety equipment, such as stable scaffolding, safety harnesses, protective guardrails, and ladders in good condition, workers can suffer the consequences in the form of major injuries. In some cases, injured fall victims may have a legal claim for money damages against the subcontractor or independent contractor whose negligence caused their injuries.

If you’ve been hurt on the job in New Jersey and need experienced legal help getting the compensation you deserve, contact the seasoned, professional, and trial-ready New Jersey personal injury lawyer Andrew R. Jacobs for a free consultation at 973-532-9681.

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