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Morristown Man Arrested for Hit and Run after Fleeing Accident Scene

Hit & Run

A Morristown man was recently placed under arrest for leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in injuries and property damage. Hit-and-run crashes can result in serious negative consequences both physical and financial for victims. This incident is evidence of the fact that locating hit-and-run drivers is not always a lost cause. Contact a knowledgeable New Jersey personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after a hit-and-run crash for help getting compensated for your injuries.

Hit-and-Run Victim Claims

Law enforcement and private investigators may be able to find hit-and-run drivers and force them to face consequences for causing a crash. Investigators may use evidence such as footage from traffic cameras, security camera photos or video, or eyewitnesses from other vehicles to determine the type of vehicle involved and whether it has any distinguishing marks that will make it easier to locate, even if a license plate number is unavailable. Even without finding the driver who caused a crash, most New Jersey drivers have mandatory coverage for accidents caused by unknown drivers, known as uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, though pursuing these claims involve challenges from insurance carriers. A knowledgeable New Jersey car accident attorney can help you get the damages you deserve after a crash with a hit-and-run driver.

If you’ve been injured in a crash in New Jersey, contact the seasoned, effective, and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer Andrew R. Jacobs for a consultation on your case, at 973-532-9681.

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