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Former Construction Worker Settles Claim against Developer for $8.225 Million

guy about to fall on scaffold

A man who suffered a catastrophic injury on the job in Union County, New Jersey has recently accepted an offer to settle his claim against the developer in charge of the job site. Below, you can learn more about the accident involving negligently-constructed scaffolding. Contact a New Jersey construction accident lawyer as soon as possible if you’ve been hurt by a negligent contractor or equipment rental company.

Debris blinds worker, causing fall

On November 15, 2013, an employee of Empire Home Improvements named Jose Criollo was working on a building site in Clark, New Jersey. The controlling contractor on the site was Clark Developers. Criollo was working on a scaffolding tower that day when debris fell from above, into his eyes. The 46-year-old man stumbled and took a step backward, which led to him falling off the scaffolding and onto the ground below.

Criollo was rushed to the hospital, where he was told that he had fractured his spine and suffered a complete spinal cord injury. He then underwent emergency surgery and proceeded to spend the next month in a hospital bed. After being discharged from the hospital, Criollo spent the following four months in a rehabilitation facility. He was rendered paraplegic as the result of his on-the-job fall.

Lack of full planking and guard rail blamed for injuries

Criollo filed a lawsuit in Essex County against Clark Developers, the contractor that controlled the job site. He claimed that the developer was negligent by failing to provide adequate fall safety protection, an accident-prevention plan, or training to its workers. He also claimed that the developer should have had the scaffolding on which he worked regularly inspected by a person with an understanding of OSHA rules and requirements regarding scaffolding. Criollo claimed in his lawsuit that the scaffolding lacked a complete set of planks, that it was missing an access ladder, and that it had no guardrails which could have prevented Criollo’s fall. Ultimately, Clark Developers agreed to settle Criollo’s claims for $7.275 million, with Empire Home Improvements paying an additional $950,000.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a New Jersey construction accident, find out if you’re a good candidate to file a lawsuit based on your claims by contacting the skilled and dedicated New Jersey construction accident injury lawyer Andrew R. Jacobs for a free consultation at 973-532-9681.

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