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Construction Accident in Point Pleasant Results in One Fatality

A scaffolding accident

A recent accident on a job site in Hunterdon County resulted in the death of a Point Pleasant man. His death serves as an example of the threat posed by falls on construction sites, and the need for property owners and site managers to provide sufficient safety equipment.

Accident for man working on roof

The recent accident occurred on the site of a new elementary school currently under construction in Franklin Township. Police responded to a 911 call about an industrial accident occurring at the site, located on Claremont Road. There, they found a 39-year-old man at the base of the building, where he was unconscious and not responsive. The man had been working on the roof when he fell 30 feet to the ground below. Police officers attempted to resuscitate the man until emergency medical personnel arrived, at which time the man was transported to a local hospital. Sadly, he was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. Work on the site has stopped while the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) can investigate the accident.

Falls a leading cause of job site fatalities

The threat of injuries caused by falls on job sites goes far beyond that posed by most other construction site accidents. Among all accidental workplace deaths in the US, falls come in second only to motor vehicle accidents, causing 15% of all on-the-job accidental deaths. According to OSHA, anyone working at a height of 6 feet or more stands a risk of suffering a serious injury from a fall and should be provided with appropriate safety equipment by site managers.

One frequent shortcoming on job sites, according to OSHA citations, is a lack of carefully-maintained, well-constructed scaffolding for work at a height. When older materials are used, or third-party scaffolding installers fail to ensure that the scaffolding is safe and properly assembled, those companies may bear liability to workers who are injured when falling from scaffolding. Workers who have been injured from falls caused by independent contractors or other third parties may have a right to compensation beyond workers’ compensation benefits and should speak with an attorney to discuss their options. Claims by independent contractors and their employees against property owners for negligence are quite complex and require proof that the owner controlled the means and method of the work done.

If you’ve been injured on a New Jersey construction site and believe you may have a claim for money damages as a result, contact the dedicated, knowledgeable, and trial-ready construction accident lawyer Andrew R. Jacobs for a consultation, at 973-532-9681.

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