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Bicycle Accident

Box Truck Fatally Strikes Bicyclist in Burlington County

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

A recent accident led to the death of a bicyclist in Burlington County.  A 58-year-old Palmyra man was riding his bike in the southbound lane on Route 130 in Burlington Township, near Dulty’s Lane, when he was struck by a 2017 International box truck heading southbound on 130.  The accident occurred in the mid-evening. … Read More »

a yellow rollover truck sign

Tractor-Trailer Toppled in Rollover Crash on Interstate 78

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

A recent accident in Warren County resulted in delays on local roads. The accident occurred in a construction zone where existing closures had already slowed traffic. Read more about the accident below, and contact an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney if you’ve been hurt in a construction zone crash. Rollover crash causes backup… Read More »

cell phone use while driving

New Research Shows the Increased Risk of a Crash for Drivers Using a Phone Behind the Wheel

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Over the past three years, the annual rate of fatal motor vehicle accidents in the US has increased steadily—a phenomenon that many experts attribute to the all-too-common use of cell phones by drivers. A new study has been released which shows just how much the risk of being involved in a crash rises when… Read More »

3 car crash

Fatal Injuries in US Workplaces Rise

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Each year, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a report detailing the number of deaths on the job in the US, as well as their causes. The 2016 report has recently been released, and it shows that more workers are dying on the job nationwide. The report also shows that the most common… Read More »

Big rig flipped over

New Law Would Require Greater Protection from Big Rig Underride Accidents

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

A piece of legislation currently making its way through the US Senate would require that commercial trucks carry greater protections against so-called underride accidents. If enacted, the safety provisions called for in the new bill, called the Stop Underrides Act of 2017, could prevent hundreds of passenger vehicle occupant deaths in deadly car crashes… Read More »

man with his head down cuz of overheated laptop

Computer Manufacturer HP Announces Recall of Batteries with Potential to Catch Fire

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Computer manufacturer HP has recently announced a recall of tens of thousands of computers it sold between December of 2015 and December of 2017. The recall is in response to reports from customers that the batteries in their laptops became dangerously overheated, in some cases causing substantial property damage and physical injury to owners…. Read More »

cars with driving tips

Safe Driving Tips for the Winter Months

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

The roads can be a treacherous place in winter. Keep yourself and your family safe during the months of ice and snow by picking up a few tips on how to make sure you and your vehicle are ready for the perils of driving in winter, and contact a New Jersey traffic accident lawyer… Read More »

car flips over a truck

Speed Believed to be a Factor in Fatal Sussex County Crash

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

An recent motor vehicle accident on Route 517 resulted in one fatality and injuries to two others. While the accident remains under investigation, a preliminary review of the accident scene led law enforcement to believe that the accident may have been speed-related. Head-on crash between sedan and box truck The accident occurred in the… Read More »

holding phone and driving at the sametime

More Deaths on US Roads for Third Year Straight

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

A new report reveals that, for the third straight year, more people died on US roads than during the year before. This rising trend in motor vehicle deaths comes after 50 years of annual declines in motor vehicle fatalities, and according to many experts, is due in large part to mobile phone use. The… Read More »

A scaffolding accident

Construction Accident in Point Pleasant Results in One Fatality

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

A recent accident on a job site in Hunterdon County resulted in the death of a Point Pleasant man. His death serves as an example of the threat posed by falls on construction sites, and the need for property owners and site managers to provide sufficient safety equipment. Accident for man working on roof… Read More »

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