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construction truck accident

Backover Injuries a Common Source of Construction Site Injury

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Construction sites come with many potential sources of injury. As with the general population, however, one of the biggest causes of fatal accidents among construction workers is motor vehicle accidents. Backover or backup injuries are among the most common types of accident on hectic job sites, but these accidents can often be prevented by… Read More »

Big rig crash

More Automation in Large Trucks Could Save Lives

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Large truck accidents are, like all traffic accidents, becoming increasingly common in the US. Researchers believe that, by introducing some of the same safety and automation technologies that are already available in many passenger vehicles, many severe accidents involving large trucks could be made less severe or prevented entirely. Read on to learn more,… Read More »

woman on phone while driving

Drivers Using Their Phones Behind the Wheel More than Ever, Data Shows

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

It’s no surprise that drivers who spend long stretches of their drive staring down at their phones to text while driving pose a serious safety threat to those around them. Many states, including New Jersey, have banned any handheld cell phone use by drivers and impose strict penalties on drivers who violate these laws…. Read More »

the two cars speeding

Research Reveals Equal Number of Fatalities Caused by Speeding and Drunk Driving

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Of all the rules of the road, speed limits may be the most routinely-violated. Surveys show that just about every driver speeds from time to time. Speeders often assume that they’re still in control of their vehicle and have the skill and dexterity needed to handle what comes, but this isn’t always the case…. Read More »

guy about to fall on scaffold

Former Construction Worker Settles Claim against Developer for $8.225 Million

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

A man who suffered a catastrophic injury on the job in Union County, New Jersey has recently accepted an offer to settle his claim against the developer in charge of the job site. Below, you can learn more about the accident involving negligently-constructed scaffolding. Contact a New Jersey construction accident lawyer as soon as… Read More »

Bicycle Accident

Box Truck Fatally Strikes Bicyclist in Burlington County

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

A recent accident led to the death of a bicyclist in Burlington County.  A 58-year-old Palmyra man was riding his bike in the southbound lane on Route 130 in Burlington Township, near Dulty’s Lane, when he was struck by a 2017 International box truck heading southbound on 130.  The accident occurred in the mid-evening. … Read More »

a yellow rollover truck sign

Tractor-Trailer Toppled in Rollover Crash on Interstate 78

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

A recent accident in Warren County resulted in delays on local roads. The accident occurred in a construction zone where existing closures had already slowed traffic. Read more about the accident below, and contact an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney if you’ve been hurt in a construction zone crash. Rollover crash causes backup… Read More »

cell phone use while driving

New Research Shows the Increased Risk of a Crash for Drivers Using a Phone Behind the Wheel

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Over the past three years, the annual rate of fatal motor vehicle accidents in the US has increased steadily—a phenomenon that many experts attribute to the all-too-common use of cell phones by drivers. A new study has been released which shows just how much the risk of being involved in a crash rises when… Read More »

3 car crash

Fatal Injuries in US Workplaces Rise

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Each year, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a report detailing the number of deaths on the job in the US, as well as their causes. The 2016 report has recently been released, and it shows that more workers are dying on the job nationwide. The report also shows that the most common… Read More »

Big rig flipped over

New Law Would Require Greater Protection from Big Rig Underride Accidents

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

A piece of legislation currently making its way through the US Senate would require that commercial trucks carry greater protections against so-called underride accidents. If enacted, the safety provisions called for in the new bill, called the Stop Underrides Act of 2017, could prevent hundreds of passenger vehicle occupant deaths in deadly car crashes… Read More »

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