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Accident-Preventing Driving Tips

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Believe it or not, summer has arrived, and with it comes road trip season. If you’re planning to be on the road a great deal over the next few months, take some time to prepare your car and yourself for the trip by reading on for some tips on how to reduce your chances of being involved in an accident.

Watch your speed

It seems obvious, but a high percentage of accidents are related at least in part to excessive speed. Speed reduces the amount of time you’ll have to react or come to a stop if something unexpected occurs in the road in front of you, and can cause you to lose control easily in inclement weather.

Avoid distractions

Research consistently shows that drivers are far less able to drive safely while also attempting to complete other tasks, such as speaking on the phone or sending a text. Even trying to eat while driving can seem innocent enough, but can pull your eyes and attention away from the road long enough to cause you to miss important events, such as a quick slowdown in the traffic ahead.

Keep your car well-maintained

No matter how safely you drive, if your brake pads are worn and your tires are under-inflated or beginning to bald, you may not be able to avoid a crash. If you haven’t had your car inspected in some time before you take a long trip, be sure to do so.

Keep your speed steady

Traveling at a steady pace will allow the cars around and behind you to best predict where your car will be on the road, in order to gauge whether or not it is safe to pass in front of or behind you. Traveling at a steady speed will also help prevent you being rear-ended.

Check your blind spots

Even if you think you might be the only car around, always check your blind spots carefully before changing lanes or turning. A smaller vehicle or motorcycle may have quietly or quickly come up behind you, so don’t assume you know the location of the other cars around you without checking over your shoulder.

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