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holding phone and driving at the sametime

More Deaths on US Roads for Third Year Straight

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

A new report reveals that, for the third straight year in a row, more people died on US roads than during the year before. This trending rise in motor vehicle deaths comes after 50 years of annual declines in motor vehicle fatalities, and according to many experts, is due in large part to mobile… Read More »

A scaffolding accident

Construction Accident in Point Pleasant Results in One Fatality

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

A recent accident on a job site in Hunterdon County resulted in the death of a Point Pleasant man. His death serves as an example of the threat posed by falls on construction sites, and the need for property owners and site managers to provide sufficient safety equipment. Accident for man working on roof… Read More »

Untitled design (18)

Know the Signs of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after an Accident

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Serious accidents can leave a long-lasting mark on victims. Long after bones have healed or property has been repaired, some victims can remain in serious pain, even to the point of debilitation. This pain may be attributable to a condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS. Learn more about CRPS below, and… Read More »

The car hit on its side

Side-Impact Crashes: Causes and Consequences

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Recently, we explained why more accidents happen at intersections than on other parts of the road. Side-impact collisions are frequently the result of negligent driver behavior in intersections, and they can be an extremely dangerous form of motor vehicle accident. Learn more about the different types of side-impact collisions below, and get help seeking… Read More »

Lane warning signal system

Studies Reveal Life-Saving Potential of Lane-Departure Warning Systems

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Lane-departure warning systems aren’t universally beloved by drivers. They may find the feature grating, as it is often designed to set off a dinging bell when a driver crosses a line of traffic. In frustration, many drivers have disabled the feature. Those drivers may want to reconsider, as new research shows the effectiveness of… Read More »

The Intersection wreck.jpg.crdownload

Intersections a Common Site for Traffic Accidents

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Intersections can be chaotic and, when things go wrong, hold the potential for serious accidents. It should come as no surprise that intersections are disproportionately likely to serve as the location of traffic accidents. Read on to learn more about the causes of crashes in traffic intersections, and ways to prevent these accidents. Intersections… Read More »

Childs brain

Study Finds that Children’s Brains Lack Ability to Gauge Traffic when Crossing

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

As a responsible parent, you’ve likely spent time training your child in how to safely and responsibly cross the street, both out of an interest in their safety as well as in preventing them from stepping in front of the car of an unwary driver. You might feel confident, after spending time teaching good… Read More »

car sharing app on phone

Ride-Sharing Accidents Lead New Jersey Legislature to Act

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft have become increasingly popular as a way to get around town. Maybe you’re among the 15% of adults across the US who have used a ride-sharing app, and you find them to be a convenient and cost-effective means of transportation. However, do you know what you’d do… Read More »

Big camera in dash

Dash Cams Provide Potential Source of Evidence after an Accident

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

While once a tool used only by police officers, dashboard cameras (commonly known as “dash cams”) have sprung up in popularity among average drivers. Learn more below about how a dash cam might be a worthwhile addition to your family car or truck. Dash cams have been around for years, but only recently has… Read More »

Retraits on a car seat

Research Shows Importance of Proper Restraints for Child Car Passengers

By Andrew R. Jacobs |

Most parents know the struggle to find the right car seat for their children and to ensure that the seat is properly installed into their vehicle. Most parents have also had days where their children refused to sit in their car seat without a drawn-out battle, tempting the parent to let them ride in… Read More »

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